FAQ - frequently asked questions

Which suppliers does EXTECO approach?

EXTECO draws from its own database of suppliers, which comprises more than 60,000 entities. The databases in individual areas are regularly updated to target our clients' demands as accurately as possible. Therefore, it is standard practice for EXTECO to approach tens, and sometimes even hundreds, of suppliers depending on the type of project.

What is the added value of EXTECO for clients?

Clients will always appreciate the absolute transparency of results and a clear structure of presentation. With EXTECO, a client gains an overview of their market position in selected areas in the shortest possible time and can make decisions based on facts, even verified and substantiated facts. EXTECO is an expert not only in finding potential savings but also in their implementation, allowing the client to gain insights into the market level in optimized areas.

What is the remuneration for EXTECO?

EXTECO is paid based on a success fee, meaning it receives compensation from the client only upon achieving a positive project outcome and only if it ensures savings in the optimized area for the guaranteed delivery period. EXTECO does not work on the basis of fixed payments or hourly rates that the client would have to expend before or during the service provision. The remuneration is always 50% of the client's savings, which is guaranteed for the specified delivery period.

How does EXTECO guarantee the project's outcome?

The project's outcome, which the client always selects, is confirmed in each project by contractual documentation provided by EXTECO for the client. This guarantee is confirmed by the supplier in various ways, not only through a fixed amount but also by breaking it down into individual variable and fixed components, always transparently and with an emphasis on the sustainability of the provided guarantee.

In what cases do clients approach EXTECO?

Motivation for cooperation with EXTECO varies, but the most common reason is a positive impact on economic results. Another frequent motivation for clients may be the complexity or uniqueness of the area for optimization or the client's capacity deficit. Another motivation for company management that hires EXTECO is to gain a real and transparent overview in a short time frame across the areas they purchase.

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