How we work

Our cooperation model is completely based on the successful reward - our reward is always dependent on the amount of savings we achieve for you. Thus, we only reward you for a job well done.

We innovate our working procedures

In order to be able to bring you always something extra, to quickly predict and evaluate the obtained market data, we adapt our work processes to the latest trends.

For the needs of our consulting activities we have developed an internal tool Tender Manager and are constantly improving it. You can find out more in the Tender Manager section.

We are currently introducing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to take our services to the next level and deliver even better results.

Tender manager

Tender Manager was created in 2014 as an essential part of our need to automate and improve the work on individual projects. The tool has undergone a gradual development and nowadays we use it to manage all activities in EXTECO, from sales to the creation of final project documentation.

The entire system is programmed by our in-house IT specialists. Due to its complexity, security requirements and 100% functionality, we supplement it with partial subcontracts of components.

What has Tender Manager brought us?

Increased work efficiency by more than 200%.
More than 60,000 contacts that we regularly update with relevant suppliers across the globe.
More than 300 different purchasing areas that we are always ready to contact online for each sub-project.

What does Tender Manager bring to you?

The large volume of data on different price levels allows to quickly and accurately evaluate the savings potential and decide whether a given project is likely to be successfully optimised or not.
Unlimited variability in the evaluation of offers in all possible variations.
Alerts to anomalies and potential pricing errors by the supplier.
Cautions on selecting the most appropriate combinations of results for all steps in the optimization process.
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